We Came As Strangers
We Came As Strangers

Those of us on the #FOTN team are no strangers (every pun intended) to musical co-operative We Came As Strangers, whose music has featured both on our #FreshFaves, and ‘GuestBlog’ spots; you can read the 10/10 review of their album ‘Eyedom’ here.

Released earlier in August 2015, ‘Eyedom’ widely received huge critical acclaim, and it is testament to the bands sheer class, unerring ability, and adeptly skilled musicianship, that they have once again been able to produce yet another finely honed masterpiece.

Citing Massive Attack and Portishead as influences, it is clear that WCAS have the nous, ability and above all, working experience, to both create, and produce, music in a similar well oiled vein.  Well crafted, strong melody lines, sung with apposite subtlety, nuance or evocative power, laid over the most exquisite, technically intricate instrumental performances, are the reason ‘Eyedom’ has received such a groundswell of media support.

Having released ‘Still Life’ as the lead single earlier in the Summer, WCAS are now ready to unfurl a second track, in the shape of ‘Adrenaline‘. Perfectly positioned at a point of tension on the album, it’s a bit of a coiled spring this one; a timely counter-point to the quietude of the first two tracks.  All previous restraint shown by Sandercoe, now gets thrown out the window – foot on the throttle, melodrama ready, steady, here we (or they) go.


Rocky, edgy, loud, there is plenty of adrenaline in the guitar playing to give weight to the name.  Ellem too, throws some serious weight behind her vocal, giving way to a spirited maybe even defiant, performance.

Adrenaline is a thumping ‘rock’ track that fully exemplifies WCAS’ creative strength and musical skills ‘par excellence’.  Justin Sandercoe let’s rip with some seriously scorching guitar sequences that could take pride of place on any classic rock album. But being a master of your trade means knowing when to let go, and, when to hold back, and during a brief interlude of perfect synchronicity, both he and Ellem take their foot off the pedal, to stunning effect! When matched with athletic drumming, and well executed, cleverly composed synth n string sections, the overall effect is an energetic, pulsating, blood pumping, rocket launcher of a song.

If rock guitar, melodramatic instrumentals and meaty vocals are your thing, Adrenaline is for you.

You can order WCAS music from iTunes, Amazon or via their website, follow them on Twitter or register for latest news & reviews via these links.

Website    Twitter     iTunes     Amazon    YouTube    Facebook    FreshontheNet

‘Adrenaline’ will be released Friday 9th October and you can listen to it here …

(lyrics are posted directly underneath for convenience).


We Came As Strangers; Justin Sandercoe, Tim Harries, Owen Thomas, Ellem
We’ve been getting high and letting it go
After days and months of nothing at all
We were close like this a long time ago
Now cinderella’s slipping back in her role
Next time that we take it all back
Next time the adrenaline goes
Are we ever gonna get this back
It’s outta habit It’s automatic
When we’re not at it
We’re just like magnets and we push away
Open your eyes
Open your mind
Open your mouth
Calling out I wanna hear you cry my name
’til the adrenaline goes
O pull me close
And don’t let go
O Pull me close
’til the adrenaline goes
’til the adrenaline goes
It’s outta habit
It’s automatic
When we’re not at it We’re just like magnets and we push away
We push away
We push away

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